Why You Need Pet Insurance For Your African Grey


As a parrot owner, you may be asking why you need to get pet insurance for your African Grey. With today’s rising costs for veterinary care, you may just need pet insurance for your parrot bird for peace of mind. There are a handful of insurance companies out there that offer comprehensive policies for pet parrots.

An insurance policy for your pet parrot can offer you a financial solution to managing your veterinary costs by reimbursing your eligible expenses for accidents, illnesses and routine preventive care, which includes office visits, lab fees, X-rays, surgeries, diagnostic testing, prescriptions, hospitalization and more. Your parrot is a member of your family and its quality of life is important to you. An insurance plan offers a financial solution to your veterinary bills so you can focus on providing your parrot health rather than on the cost of healthcare. Airborne viruses and bird flu are threats that may hurt you financially if you are not well covered.

African Greys are beautiful loving pets that can live up to 65 years of age. With all the commitment and investment that you have already made on your parrot, you will need the bird to be covered by an insurance policy because your parrot is vulnerable to illnesses and health risks. A good insurance plan for a parrot covers major medical treatments, surgeries for accidents, minor treatments, self mutilation, feather plucking and neoplasia surgery. And what if your parrot bites someone’s hand and causes injury? In our litigious society, you need to protect yourself and your parrot against all possibilities.

A good insurance policy pays up to 90% of the benefit schedule or up to 90% of the veterinary bill. Premiums may cost anywhere between $15 to $20 a month depending on the coverage. You can also easily maximize your bird’s coverage by adding a coverage rider. This can help pay for a routine exam, blood testing, fecal analysis, nail and wing trim and more.

Purchasing pet insurance for your African Grey parrot is good financial planning. Accidents and illnesses do happen and you need to be covered to have peace of mind. It would be sad if you have to resort to putting you parrot to sleep if you can’t afford to face the veterinary costs.

Source by Azmi Adnan