Which Of These Is The Best Dental Insurance Policy?


If you're wondering who offers the best dental insurance you may be in for a big surprise. The reason that I say this is because the best dental insurance is not insurance at all. All right, all right, I'm not making sense to some of you. Let me explain myself and maybe I can make it a bit more clear for you.

You see, the reason I said that is because for some conditions it's absolutely true. The other option that you have besides dental insurance is called a discount dental plan and this, not insurance, is your best option if you are in need of a dentist right away and you do not already have insurance. Here's why.

Dental insurance does not cover any condition that already existed before you bought your policy. If you walk into an insurance agency and tell them that you want to buy a policy because you have a cavity that needs to be fixed, they're going to tell you that they'll gladly sell you a policy, however, you'll be on your own for that tooth until you've gone through a mandatory waiting period of twelve months. Even then you will not be covered 100%.

Discount plans do not work like insurance. By joining a discount dental plan you'll instantly qualify to visit select dentists and specialists within a network that perform dental care for discounts ranging from 10% as high as 60%. This is for major dental and preventive care.

So if you're under the impression that the best dental plan is dental insurance, you may want to take a closer look at discount dental plans instead.

Source by Joe Stewart