What Does Rabbit Insurance Cover?


When looking at coverage for your pet, be it a rabbit, cat, dog, or horse, check the various web sites offering pet insurance and compare rates and coverage. The better insurance providers will have reasonable rates and a wide variety of payment plans to offer. Rabbit insurance for example, will usually have a wellness plan or reward provision which helps keep costs down by paying for bi-annual examinations with some tests included that are designed to spot an illness before it happens to your pet. This wellness program usually is covered without need for the deductible to be met beforehand.

An effective pet rabbit insurance policy will cover illness, accidents, many conditions specific to a particular breed, and alternative therapies like hydrotherapy and acupuncture. With a customizable plan, they can meet most anyone's budget requirements. Even if the disease or condition has been in effect before the insurance was provided, they may still cover the pet for accident and perhaps wellness coverage.

A pet insurance provider who pays based upon the bill submitted by your vet rather than a pre-ordained schedule of fees is to be preferred. Coverage should be comprehensive and cover chronic conditions as well as hereditary conditions. In other words, just because the German Shepherd Dog, as a breed, is predisposed to developing hip dysplasia, does not mean they will not provide coverage if your Shepherd ever develops it himself.

An annual cap or deductible on coverage may be any agreed upon amount, two to five thousand dollars but there should be no cost per incident or lifetime cap put on coverage.

Source by Edward Fresco