What Does Pet Insurance Cover?


When discussing pet insurance, many people relegate it to "important ONLY in catastrophic scenarios", like major surgery – or even cancer – and therefore often do not consider it until their pet begins to age. However, health insurance can be beneficial to pet parents from the time you bring your new, furry family member home!

Certainly, most veterinary insurance covers the MAJOR medical expenses your pet may incur over its lifetime – from accidents and injuries, to major illnesses and hospitalization – but did you know that many pet insurance plans also cover annual wellness exams, teeth cleaning, and vaccinations and even spay and neutering expenses as well? While you may think those costs are minimal in a healthy pet, over his or her lifetime, you might be surprised at how much you will spend on prescription medications, lab tests, treatments and the occasional "after hours" emergency visit (which even the healthiest, most mindful of pets will experience at least once during their tenure with you!)

Beyond the basic coverage that you would expect from your pet insurance policy, some veterinary pet insurance plans also offer specialist care, ranging from an "Eastern approach" to the treatment of your pet (including acupuncture and holistic care) to veterinary specialties including ophthalmology, neurology and dermatology. Even chiropractic therapy, administered by a licensed veterinarian, is covered under some plans!

Of course, as our pets age (and they do age more quickly than we do), they experience the same aches and pains that we do. Arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and even kidney failure can affect the quality of life of our furry family members. To diagnose these problems, MRI's, CAT scans, X-rays and other diagnostic tests are generally required to determine the best treatment plan. Veterinary pet insurance can significantly help offset these expenses.

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