Valuable Information on Pet Insurance – The Optimal Wellness Plan


The Optimum Wellness Plan is not pet insurance but is a system designed to augment pet insurance by giving you guidelines for keeping your pet healthy and happy. Your pets age faster than you and therefore need regular trips to the vet to ensure they stay healthy just as you require regular checkups. Giving your pet the same opportunity to receive regular checkups as it ages will help it live longer with more energy and fitness. This is the least that you can do for your best friend who wants to be by your side for many years to come. Take my word for it!

Founded in 1955, the Banfield pet hospitals are located in many cities across the country, primarily in the PetSmart stores. They have over 500 clinics and have enrolled over two million pets in the Optimum Wellness Plan and their goal is to provide the same quality of care as humans receive. Dr. Warren J. Wegart, DMV started the Banfield group in Portland, Oregon with the intention of preventing illness and disease in animals with his wellness plan. In 1994, Medical Management International (MMI) partnered with PetSmart to open clinics called VetSmart in their stores. The plan offers discounts on preventative care and routine health treatments such as annual shots, and a finance plan for more chronic care. Each PetSmart store has an average of four veterinarians on staff depending on the demand for services and number of pets enrolled in the plan at that location.

Source by Ron Holden