Type 1 Diabetes – Life Insurance


When you’re first diagnosed with type I diabetes, the first thing that came to your mind was probably nothing to do with life insurance. Many people that have type I diabetes don’t even realize that it’s much more difficult to obtain life insurance with this type of health condition. It can be done, and getting the best deal on a life policy, with low monthly premiums and with a first day full death benefit, is achieved by selecting the right insurance company.

Every company is different…

Each insurance company has different underwriting rules, requirements and standards. Just like lenders, each individual company caters to a different segment of the population. Some companies like Gerber, cater to parents that are looking for inexpensive life insurance for their children. Other companies cater to middle-aged people that are only looking for term life insurance, while other companies cater to seniors or people that have health conditions.

With type I diabetes, you need to be looking at life insurance companies that cater to people that have health conditions. These companies, can offer you the same premiums that other people pay that do not have type I diabetes. This is however, based on a few conditions.

The three main questions that you’ll be asked about:

  • Diabetic Coma
  • Insulin Shock
  • Amputations

If you have not suffered from any of the three conditions listed above, there are really good insurance companies that can provide you with the same coverage, the same benefits and the same low premiums that people that do not suffer from type I diabetes enjoy.

Source by Christy Love