Travel Insurance Including Golf


Do you enjoy traveling the world and playing golf? Golf is a great hobby! Just remember one thing before your next trip: the golf ball is hard. One failed hit can cause serious damage to people and property, and you will be held liable. You may lose your entire holiday budget or more in just seconds, if you do not have a travel insurance including golf. You might already have a holiday insurance, but many regular insurance policies do not cover adventure or sports related accidents. You definitely need an insurance plan which covers your hobby: both the game and your gear.

Travel insurance including golf: what is it ?

If your regular travel insurance does not cover golf, you can add extra coverage for both you and your golf equipment with a stand-alone golf holiday insurance.

With a golf holiday insurance you can get protection against things like:

  • loss or damage of equipment. You will definitely want this one especially if you travel a lot by air and have to check in your golf bag
  • the equipment rental costs, if you have to hire equipment after your own equipment was lost or damaged
  • your own medical costs if you hurt yourself while playing. Golf is considered as a safe sports, but thousands of people end up hospitalized every year as a direct result of a golfing accident
  • the costs you are liable to pay if you accidentally harm other players or property while playing
  • costs of the non-refundable green fees if you have to cancel or cut your holiday short or are unable to play due to sickness, an accident or bad weather
  • the hefty bar tap after hitting a hole-in one and celebrating it by following the tradition of offering a round to everyone at the golf club. This feature is important especially when playing in Europe, where the price of just one drink can easily be even 10 dollars at the fancier places

Accidents can happen any time. No matter if you are an avid golfer and want to play every single day, or are planning to visit the golf course just once, make sure you take a travel insurance including golf. When choosing the policy, read the fine print and make sure the insurance has all the features you are after. If you feel something is missing, you can often get more features with a small extra fee. As they say: better safe than sorry!

Source by Astrid Anderson