Travel Insurance For Over 70 – Finding the Best Deal


People in retirement expect more from life, unlike their own parents they have greater expectations and a longer life expectancy. Many older people now choose to travel and see the world and generally get the most out of their golden years.

Whilst this is great there are difficulties associated with world travel once you reach a certain age. Even though people are living longer and are generally more active and healthy they are still at higher risk from injury and illness than other groups in society.

This means that getting travel insurance for over 70 year olds is more difficult and more expensive. If you have a medical history for certain conditions this can make getting insurance cover difficult if not near impossible in some cases.

In the UK travel insurance is typically available up to the age of 99, this means that in theory you can get a policy to cover you for your holiday up to that age. Of course you are not just getting cover for any potential medical treatment or rescue costs and repatriation costs. Holiday insurance policies also cover the loss or luggage and possessions, the cancellation of your holiday or flights and even legal and liability cover.

Many polices come as a bundle of cover, this means that they cover the common types of thing that you would expect to need when travelling. If you are over 70 you will certainly need to check as to the level of cover so you know exactly what will be paid for should something happen.

There can be other circumstances that affect your policy payments, if you are going to a distant remote region rather than a large popular resort it is going to cost more. That is the insurance provider is going to have to pay more to get you to a hospital and ship you home should you have an accident or become ill. If you holiday on the Costas it is not going to be as expensive as there is are much better rescue and medical facilities. This means that the more exotic holidays are going to attract more expensive travel insurance premiums.

As well as the type and level of cover you are getting you need to take into consideration any excess you may be liable for. The higher the excess the cheaper the policy will be for you. The down side of this of course is that if you do need to make a claim you will have to pay the excess amount which can run into the hundreds of pounds.

Source by Allan Burns