Travel Insurance for Golf


Traveling and playing golf is great! Just remember one thing when preparing for your trip: no matter how good a player you are or how often you play, accidents can happen. A golf ball is extremely hard and can cause serious injuries if it hits other players or property. You are liable for all the possible damages you cause, and that can get expensive. That is why you need a travel insurance for golf to be on the safe side. You don’t want to see your whole traveling budget disappear after one unlucky hit going the wrong way.

Do you already have a travel insurance? Go read the insurance policy. You need to make sure your hobby is covered, and that means both your equipment and the game.

What is a holiday insurance for golf?

A golf insurance makes sure you and your golf gear are protected above regular insurance benefits. It is usually possible to buy a stand-alone golf insurance if your travel insurance policy doesn’t cover sports like golf.

A golf holiday insurance can protect you against:

  • lost green fees in case of sickness, accident or bad weather or having to cancel your holiday
  • you needing medical attention after hurting yourself on the golf course. Most people think that golf is extremely safe, yet thousands of people end up to the hospital after having an accident on the golf course
  • you accidentally hurting other players or damaging property while playing. Imagine breaking a big patio window, or damaging a Ford Mustang parked close to the course
  • loss or damage of your equipment. This is important especially if you travel a lot by air. Checking your golf bag in makes it vulnerable for theft and damage
  • hiring costs if you have to hire equipment after your own gear was damaged or lost
  • the expensive bar bill in the lucky case of a hole-in-one. You do know you are supposed to offer drinks for everyone at the club to celebrate your achievement, right? This one is important if you are playing in Europe, where the drink prices are sky high

When you choose a travel insurance for golf, read the terms carefully. You definitely don’t want to pay for an insurance which turns out to be insufficient. You can usually get more coverage with a bit more money, if you feel that some features are missing. When you know you have a good travel insurance for golf, you can enjoy your golf trip without worries.

Source by Astrid Anderson