The Top 5 US Health Insurance Providers


When shopping for the best health insurance large group plan, it would be a good idea to know who the big players are in the industry and to know what the standards are. According to Interaction Media Group, these are the top 5 companies (in no particular order):

Aetna is very active in the market, with 3 major business segments: Health Care covers 15 million people; Group Insurance covers about the same number through their employers, and the Pension division that offers retirement savings plans such as pensions and 401(k).

Blue Cross and Blue Shield is one of the largest providers of health insurance large group plans, with 90 million members enrolled in their various managed care and Medicare plans.

Cigna Corporation is another top U.S. health insurer, with 9 million covered, including people from outside the U.S., like Canada, Asia, Europe, and Chile. Cigna offers the gamut of plans: dental, medical and vision, pharmacy, behavioral health, and accident, life, and disability insurance.

United Health Group is the number two insurance company and has four major divisions and also offers a large variety of plans. The Health Care Services division has various managed care plans, and many different Medicare and Medicaid programs. Ovations takes care of association members, Uniprise handles large group. The Specialized Care Services division provides vision and dental, among others.

WellPoint is the nation’s largest health insurance provider, and is a licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield brand in 14 states, and uses the Unicare brand in others. WellPoint provides a large number of managed care programs, and also provides administrative services to self-insured groups.

Source by Kirby Horton