The Benefits of Travel Insurance


When planning a trip abroad, travel insurance is often viewed as a secondary consideration, and the process of booking flights and hotels is often at the forefront of peoples minds. Some people do not even take out travel insurance. Not getting a policy prior to travelling is a big mistake, as you will be missing out on the many benefits and essential protections that it provides.

Perhaps the biggest factor of all is medical insurance. Whilst abroad, you are not covered for medical bills without insurance. Should you get sick or suffer an accident, you are likely to be liable for the full medical bill. This could quite easily run into thousands of dollars. The fact that you are on holiday in a foreign country increases your chances of getting sick or having an accident. Not only are you unfamiliar with your local surroundings, but you are eating foreign food, and your body is exposed to unfamiliar viruses and bacteria.

Secondly, policies are available which cover you for trip cancellations. Events at home, or adverse weather and travel problems can all mean that you may be unable to take your trip. The expense of cancelling without having insurance to cover you can be enormous. This stress and cost can all be avoided by having a good travel insurance policy.

Travel insurance can also cover you for costs of delays. Often flights can be delayed for hours, even days, leaving you stranded in a foreign land. During this time, you will have to pay for food, hotels, clothing and transport. A good policy takes care of this for you, enabling you to enjoy your extra few days on holiday.

There are many other smaller benefits of having travel insurance, such as lost, stolen, and damaged baggage and personal items. This is particularly beneficial when you are travelling to areas with high crime rates. You can also have legal fees covered, should you be involved in any kind of incident which involves being fined or attending court. You can even be covered for any damage to a rental car you have hired. In many locations, particularly if you have a family, renting a car is essential to get around and see all the sights. You are more at risk than ever of an accident when driving in a foreign country, as you are not familiar with the local regulations. Paying for this without insurance can be extremely expensive indeed.

Cost is one of the main reasons that people decline travel insurance, but considering all the potential costs that can be incurred by not having insurance, taking out a policy is actually a very wise and prudent investment.

Source by James Culvers