Pros and Cons of Pet Insurance


Just get a new pet? Vet bills seem outrageous already? You might want to get pet insurance. Some people like to consider buying pet insurance. There are quite a few pet insurance companies, the one I use is VPI. If you have a very large dog or very small dog, they are probably prone to health problems.

Certain breeds have more health problems than other- do your research and find out what problems are common with your breed. If you live in an area that has a large snake population or dangerous terrain, you need to consider this too. I had two Great Danes that got attacked and bitten by a copperhead snake.

They lived after 2 vials of anti venom each – but the price was outrageous. I was thankful at that time that I had pet insurance. They reimbursed me for most of the cost. My dogs are large dogs, which is why I purchased health insurance in the first place. It covered the removal of growths from my dogs toe twice, and eventually it covered the amputation of the same toe. For me, pet insurance has been a real bargain.

It costs around $20 per month per dog for me, but the payout has been outstanding. I wouldn’t have been able to pay the vet bills if they had not have reimbursed me. If you love your pet and you want to be able to pay the vet bills to keep him/her alive, I highly recommend purchasing pet insurance. I also recommend doing it when they are young – rates are usually better.

Source by Heather DuPree