Pet Insurance Reviews – What to Look For


If your pet is as spoiled as mine are, you want the best of everything for it. When I was searching for pet insurance coverage for my dogs and cat, I wanted the best policy available. Therefore, I read a lot of different pet insurance reviews before I settled on a specific coverage because I wanted to know what other pet owners had to say about the various companies and plans out there. Here's what you should look for from these pet coverage reviews.

1) Payout reimbursement or co pays? Many companies require that you pay the full amount of the vet bill at the time of visit, then need to wait for a certain percentage to be reimbursed. Others provide co pay options, just like traditional health insurance for humans. If the plan offers reimbursement, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Find out by reading reviews how long it takes to receive the reimbursement and if there are any issues with actually getting them.

2) How good is their customer service? Because of the nature of animal's medical needs, you may have to constantly update or change the specifics of your pet's insurance policy. You want to make sure that the company you go with provides good customer service to make doing this quick and easy. Find out what those who have already purchased the plan and made changes on it have to say about the company's customer service.

3) How many veterinarians does the plan provide? Read what others have to say about how many choices they are given for vets to take their pets to for medical attention. You want to find out how many are available for emergency services, check ups, and surgeries.

Source by Jennifer Lynn Hanson