Pet Insurance Questions Pet Owners Should Ask Themselves


Do you really need pet insurance? THE question….

The following questions will help you decide.

1. When the time comes, will you be able to make the decision between what is best for your pet and what you can afford?

We never want to think about it, but we have to be prepared for the unexpected. Unprepared owners could be faced with putting their pet down because they simply cannot afford the medical costs. Dr. Adams of Emory Animal Hospital says, “If they have a fracture that they can’t afford to mend, they might choose amputation rather than fix the fracture.”

2. Can you watch your pet every second of every day?

Accidents happen when you least expect them. Pets run out the door and eat things they shouldn’t. Rachel from Morrison, Colorado has first-hand experience. One day her dog, Abbey, had come home from her usual romp in the woods around her house. But poor Abbey was covered in hives. She had trouble breathing and started vomiting! Luckily, Rachel had pet health insurance and her $680 bill only cost her about three dollars after she sent in her claim!

3. Can you really find cheap pet insurance? When was the last time that anything concerning a doctor was cheap?

Veterinary costs can skyrocket with even the simplest illness. Pet insurance can help protect you from unnecessary fees while allowing your pet to continue receiving regular treatments.

4. How much do you really save?

Think about your monthly bills – house payments, car payments, loans, monthly sums you invest in your retirement, etc. How much have you saved in case of an emergency? Would your savings cover your medical costs if something happened tomorrow?

5. Did you know that veterinary costs are rising faster than the average salary?

Really! They are!

6. Is a couple of dollars a month worth your pet’s life?

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to insure your pet.

7. Doesn’t your pet deserve it?

Of course, every pet deserves to be well taken care of. Having the financial resources to care for our pets is a responsibility we all should take seriously!

8. How do you find the best pet insurance plan for you and your pet?

First of all, remember to always do your research before you pick a plan. Start with the facts about pet insurance plans in general then find out the details about each plan. You should know what each plan covers or excludes, if the plan has any restrictions, and the costs of deductibles and co-payments.

When comparing plans with similar benefits, remember the old saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

Remember, insurance contracts are legal agreements, and they say what they mean in legal language. Don’t let this scare you away from thinking about pet insurance???

Source by Brandon James