Pet Insurance – Do not Leave Or Stay at Home Without It!


As dogs and cats enter our lives, we grow extremely attached to them. Should they get sick and need medical attention, we will likely spend substantial sums of money to make them well. These days, pets undergo cataract surgery, chemotherapy, knee surgery, dental procedures almost as routinely as people do. These treatments, while greatly improving our pet’s quality of life can be extremely expensive. The last I checked, my healthcare plan did not provide coverage for my two Jack Russels.

As a matter of fact, I’ve yet to encounter a healthcare plan that does. As a result, pet insurance, a mere cottage industry 20 years ago has grown into a significant industry. If you own or are thinking about expanding your family by adding a dog, cat or any pet at all, you will be well served by purchasing pet insurance. We made the mistake of not carrying such insurance and paid the price many times over. Buy the best dog insurance plan for your best friend so that you will never have to face an ethical dilemma over finances.

Dogs can exhibit peculiar behavior indeed. Leave any object at all within range of their paws and jaws and they could well suffer painful consequences. Rocks, balls, string, peach pits, pens, even diapers have all become part of the menu for many unfortunate diners who have acquired an unusual eating habit known as Foreign Body Syndrome. Dogs seem to be the most skillful of all pets when it comes to swallowing objects they most definitely should not.

There seems no end to the range of items they can consume. One theory is that this instinctive need in some domestic dogs harbors back to a time when their ancestors would hunt down a good square meal and eat the whole carcass, bones and all. A similar theory is based on a dog’s love of chewing, a habit which often leads them to experiment with whatever falls in their path. If they do not spit the object out, then chances are they will probably end up swallowing it.

In the eyes of a dog, the stone garden in our yard must appear as a smorgasbord of gastronomic delights. Our older terrier, Molly loved foraging in the garden, but on one fateful day, she returned in a fit of panic. Within a few hours, we took notice of a dramatic change in her condition as her breathing became labored, she grew inactive and ceased moving. This gave us serious concern and we immediately brought her to the veterinarian. We soon discovered that Molly had swallowed 3 fairly large rocks, which became lodged in her intestines and stomach. This required immediate surgery.

The best dog insurance plans on the market would have saved us a substantial sum of money, but we had put off this purchase. Do not make the same mistake we did. Once you add a dog to your household, seek out the best dog insurance plan you can afford from among the many providers. You will sleep better at night knowing your pooches are covered, regardless of what may be lurking in their bellies.

Source by Gary Weiss