Pet Insurance – Do I Really Need It?


Pet Insurance – Should You or Should not You?

Statistics say that 1 out of 3 pets will visit the vet for treatment this year.
50% of those visits will be a result of an unexpected injury or illness.
2 out of 3 pet owners have admitted to not providing their pets with the care they needed due to lack of finances.

Pretty sad statistics – but realistic ones nonetheless.

Having two dogs (furry children) of my own, and knowing the multitude of dangers that exist when one is guided by scent and curiosity rather than knowledge and experience, I decided to check into the cost of pet insurance.

To my surprise, what I found was that obtaining a pet insurance policy would not only give me peace of mind, it would save me money as well!

That's right! For the price of half a tank of gas every month, I am ensuring that my best friends are not only receiving the preventative care they should get, but also the emergency care that they may someday desperately need.

If you're thinking about obtaining pet insurance, I urge you to get some free quotes, information and maybe even a little peace of mind.

I'm saving money every year and we have not even had any emergency visits as of yet!

There's quite a few options for every situation, and every budget. For $ 10.00 per month you can obtain insurance for basic emergency care and for $ 25.00 per month you can receive full coverage that includes preventative pet care visits!

Check it out; it does not hurt to gather information and make your own well-informed decision.

Source by John Hanly