Pet Bird Insurance


You have insurance on yourself, your house, your car and other things. Why not have pet bird insurance? That is only if you have a pet bird. Pet insurance for birds can take the worry out of owning one of these beautiful creatures. You know how much an emergency visit to the hospital can cost for a human. Your pet bird can also rack up quite a bill if you have to take them to the vet for an emergency visit. Pet bird insurance can provide coverage for this. You never know when your bird is going to get sick or how severe it will be.

Birds make beautiful pets that can bring hours of enjoyment to the owner and family. They don’t have to be walked outside in crappy weather or put on a leash like a dog. You don’t have to worry about them coming home pregnant like a cat and having a litter of kittens. Like all other pets in the world, birds are vulnerable to catching a disease of major concern as well as minor things. Covering your little friend with bird insurance is a smart move. What you should look for when considering pet insurance for birds.

You should try and find an insurance plan for birds that will cover medical treatment for emergencies such as accidents and when the bird is so sick it needs surgery. The insurance for your pet bird should also have provisions for minor treatments as well as fees associated to x-rays and stays in the vet hospital if necessary. A good pet bird insurance policy will also cover such things that are common with birds. Some examples are when the bird is picking its own feathers, an egg gets stuck in them which is known as egg binding, neoplasia surgery and other things.

A good avian insurance policy will pay up to 90% of the vet bill or that percentage of the bird insurance according to the schedule of benefits of the policy. Just like with people, you can also add riders to the bird insurance policy. You may want to add routine care to your coverage. This will cover routine exams. It will also most likely cover other things such as clipping their wings so they don’t fly away from you, Blood tests and more. You will surprised at how affordable a good pet insurance policy can be and what it will cover.

Source by James Cropper