My Solution to the Health Insurance Problem of the USA – My Understanding


The sector of health insurance in America is currently marred with steaming debts and conflicts. The main reason for conflict is that Americans are of the opinion that the existing elaborated restructured principles will stall the development process.

Let me offer you a solution which will be accepted by all nations and also benefit the USA like never before.

Today the people of a country are large dependent on health insurance for the family. But in the gazetted officer of written signature, there is a persistent dilemma with output cognizance. The creative way of written solution is not appropriate. I give the high denominator for the arguments.

But let me be specific with details.

The health of an individual or family is based on his / her relative habits. But the habits are either causing improper values ​​or decreasing the scheduled process. In the given circumstances, the living of a being is determined by the weakened knowledge. The values ​​are deteriorating due to harmful effects. Men and women do seek help from the government to discuss the challenges and precipitate the value by relating either consultative consultative process or with arguments of dis-governance. In the appeared notice, the value of a home is not in the government by the ridiculous distant process. This means the important information is collected that light, the governing body should ensure that the system is sufficient through habits.

So, let me propose my solution. In the constitution, a law can not disvalue the event of natural death. This means, in the detrimental sequence the important reason for the judiciary is through maintenance of proper judgment through father and mother.

So in this experiential knowledge, the given theories of owning once method is based on written theory. It implies that the solution can bargain the changes to be known and calibrated. But the abundance of a solution is not maintained through important legislations. This is an improper way to change an either system or the behavior.

So my theory of cauliflower treatment revolves around the achievement of a continuous balance. In the earth, the siblings are born when the moon and the sun acknowledge the value of creation. This is known as the principle of organic distributed changes.

The method now which I will discuss is known as giving the monument through a price. The monument is given with the problem satisfied through gathering. In the death, the direct relation will benefit.

But according to the current liability, the values ​​of a family are written by changing parameters.

Let me describe the solution-

"Every member of a family requires protection. That protection can not be withheld through legislation." The poor or the rich have one common distinguishing attribute, and it is grandeur.

If the document says you are poor, the attributed value will be recorded in the system. Then in the proposed solution for the poor, the method of guarantee is when it attains the maximum deserved points. These points are well matched with principles of green order. In case a poor person has a disability, he will be given 5 point rating. In case the poor man can not identify a suitable insurance company for protecting his life, he will be according zero influence. That means every person will be scaled in his or her life. If the scaling of parameters is done through calibration, then the scaling of the budget will also be performed through calibration. This way, the budget of an individual will determine the scalability and worth disowning changes. Not only that, every member pertains to the important systematic budgets of their proposal.This will cure his ailments. But, in case, he is out of budget then his previous calibrated pattern will determine how much budget can be allocated for his life burden. If he is not through this organized system, then he can choose a policy of different insurance where the guarantee is valued through premium.

This way, a poor person can not only react with the atmosphere but also with the habits. In case he is into poor health habits, he will suffer from illness frequently. Then his values ​​will be determined through a rigorous method of sequencing integers which will bring him success or failure through the algorithm. Not only that, the case to the case study would be made. It's to note here that the calibration can be exceptional in the case of rare disorders that are noted. Men and women can use the budget through the mechanism of organized systems in place.

Source by Karnati Kiran