Log Home Insurance – How to Get the Best Rates


Have you heard that it’s impossible to find an insurance policy offering log home insurance? Actually, many companies do offer this coverage.

An easy way to find competitive quotes is to go to an insurance comparison website. When you fill out your information on such a website, you’ll only receive quotes from A-rated companies that offer log home insurance.

How Much Extra Will I Pay?

Log home insurance is typically 20% more than insurance for a comparably-sized non-log home. Factors that affect the price of your log home or log cabin insurance include:

* Distance from the nearest fire station. The closer you are to a fire station, the less your premium will be. Some companies will not insure a log cabin that is more than ten miles from a fire station.

* Distance from the nearest fire hydrant. Most insurance companies will offer you a discount if there is a fire hydrant one mile or less from your log home.

* Presence of a free-standing wood stove. Such a wood stove will increase your rate and some companies may decline to cover you. A more affordable choice is to install a traditional fireplace.

Can I Buy Coverage for a Log Home that is under Construction?

Some insurance companies do cover homes that are under construction. This insurance is called a Builders Risk or Course of Construction policy.

Such a policy protects homeowners and builders from liability on a construction site from loss due to theft, vandalism and accidental loss, damage, or destruction. When your home is complete, the construction policy may convert to a regular homeowners policy or you can purchase a different policy.

Lowering Your Costs

In addition to using an insurance comparison website to shop around for the best price on your log cabin insurance, some other ways you can lower your insurance costs include:

* Selecting a high deductible

* Installing safety features that will net you discounts, such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and deadbolt locks

Source by Brian Stevens