Life Insurance, Why You Need to Be Insured


Who really needs life insurance? If you die you will never benefit from it anyways. Thus term life insurance is an easy choice because of its lower or cheaper price; people get on the band wagon. If you purchase a term life insurance, you are indeed buying life insurance for exactly what it meant. It is insurance for a period of time specified by the policy contract and nothing else. To some it is a funny thing for a couple of reasons.

It is funny because you will never going to use it for your own, the proceeds of the policy you bought. And the chances of you collecting on your insurance before you die are very slim at best. Your policy only pays out after you are dead. Simply put, life insurance is for your loves ones that are left behind after you pass away. The chances of you collecting when you really needed the cash are also slim at best.

But if you put everything into perspective, you do really need a life insurance so that when your time comes you will not burden those people left behind. Your love ones will not have to think of where to get the money for your own burial. Dying these days in age is quite expensive so being insured means your love ones left behind will have at least something to use.

But in all of these thought, one thing for sure is going to happen. You are going to die one day. We all are going to die for sure. And when you talk about life insurance death has the emotional component attached to it and every salesmen use these for any sales pitch they are going to do. It is very powerful since all of us will buy into our emotions. Whenever you got into these situations, it is easy sells other products attached to insuring yourself.

If you come across an insurance sales agent you will be hearing so many types and forms of life insurance. But in actual fact, there are probably only two types of life insurance. To the savvy and knowledgeable people, there is term life insurance and all the rest. What I mean by this is that the rest of them like universal life, whole life, variable life and etc. only have those add on investment component to it. But then this is where you have to make a wiser and a well informed decision.

The investment component to a whole life or a universal life is that there are too many variables or factors to consider. The problem with these types of insuring yourself is that the supposed savings can sometimes be inefficient. There is the question of what if the company goes bankrupt? It is only good as long as the company is rock solid and continues to be liquid.
Whether it is term life insurance or the other types of life insurance, all of them have their advantages and drawbacks. Just make sure you got all the information you need to make that wise and informed decision and choose the one that suits your lifestyle and situation.

Source by Julita Viola