Life Insurance – Why You Can’t Afford to Wait

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Death costs for 2008 sure aren’t going down. Last year, the average was almost $10,000! From the actual funeral home, to transportation, and the actual cemetery plot, you are looking at record high costs and the inability to escape them.

Especially with the current recession in the United States, many families are living paycheck to paycheck just to put food on the table and pay ever-increasing energy bills. At the gas pump, we aren’t experiencing any relief either. Gasoline prices are jumping by double digit percents every year, and the United State’s involvement in the Middle East does not seem to be translating to lower prices at the pump any time soon.

If you had a tragic accident while driving home from work this week, would your family be able to sustain your current lifestyle, or even be able to get by? The truth is, most families would be devastated with the loss of a vital income stream and the expenses ($10,000+) related to a family death.

Within the past few years, many families have lost their cars, homes, and priceless possessions because of an unexpected death. Although it always hurts to lose a loved one, there is still much pain that could have been avoided if the deceased carried a life insurance policy. Even a relatively small policy such as $150,000 would have covered the associated costs with death, and provided a cushion for daily living expenses.

Many people believe that life insurance simply is “too expensive” for them, or they are “too young to die.” The sad truth is that tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us, and we must be responsible in realizing that we must prepare for the worst. The peace of mind a life insurance policy instills is priceless in itself.

Source by Parker Jendrycki