Life Insurance – Term Life Coverage


There are several types of Mississippi life insurance. One of the most common forms purchased is term life insurance. This type of insurance policy can be purchased in lengths of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years. There are three considerations to most life insurance policies. They may all be included in the term life policy, or a combination may be used. The face amount refers to the protection provided by the death benefits portion of the policy. The premium is the amount paid by the person being insured and the length of coverage is the term. The majority of policies have the option to renew at the end of the term.

It is very similar to the way auto or health insurance is renewed. Depending on the policy, premiums may remain stable or increase throughout the term. Rates are based on specific demographic statistics as well as your own health at the time the policy is signed. When it is time to renew your Mississippi life policy, the new statistics and health conditions will be the basis for the new premium rate. Many people purchase mortgage insurance to protect their home for their family when they die. The payments go directly to the mortgage loan holder, rather than beneficiaries.

A life insurance policy in Mississippi that is term life is often recommended as an alternative for many reasons. The first is that it is less expensive than the mortgage insurance. The proceeds of the policy are sent to the heirs, rather than the bank. This means that it can be used for the mortgage, or other expenses that require attention, as deemed appropriate by the family. The most common condition that leads to declining health in Mississippi is obesity. High blood pressure, diabetes and inactivity in the majority of adults are contributing factors to this condition.

The State Department of Insurance ensures that insurers are properly licensed. They also make sure that your rights are protected if the term must be renewed. Consumers in the past were unable to renew if their health had declined. This left their families at risk. Mississippi life insurance companies are also protected. There are several Mississippi state statues to defend against insurance fraud. Application information can be challenged and the policy can be terminated if discrepancies are proven. To be sure you get the correct information about Mississippi life insurance be sure to speak with a local agent.

Source by Christopher Nelson Woods