Life Insurance – No Medical


If you thought buying life insurance no medical was not possible, you are about to be surprised at the absolutely hassle-free and affordable aspect of purchasing low-cost life cover without the necessity of going in for a medical exam – because this is possible today !

Yes, it is true – there are many life insurance providers that are now offering simplified policies that do not require policy buyers to go in for a full medical exam as a means of determining their eligibility for awarding them a life insurance policy. To qualify for no medical type of plan, now you only need to answer a few health questions. This is a simple process you can follow online too. It can be completed in a matter of just a few minutes; it also saves you time and effort if you only use the Internet to search for reputed providers giving you this online facility.

If you apply online for a life coverage policy that requires no medical exam, of course you must remember this will grant you short-term coverage, but it is fast, affordable and easy .. You can purchase a life cover in just minutes and apply for a policy that grants you financial protection of a large sum of cash (up to $ 500,000) on your own, without any insurance agent or go-between – if you just take out the time to do some research on this subject online.

You can even print your policy after filling in the necessary details regarding your health issues and after you've satisfactorily answered all the relevant questions asked by the insurance provider on their web-site. This way you can easily purchase a good life insurance policy. However, you must remember though that the no-medical life insurance plan is short term, therefore, it will offer less cover than a whole life policy, but it is fast to obtain and offers a wide range of products.

You may still need to check out online when you are conducting your research for the perfect life insurance provider whether all the financial products you are interested in are actually available in your state or not. But the biggest advantage to this type of policy is that your health history, age or lack of budget does not matter when it comes to buying a life insurance cover with no medical exam!

This is a great option for those who do not want to go in for a medical check-up before buying life cover and luckily for such people, there are numerous online resources, such as blogs, financial websites, forums and a wide array of free web tools that can help provide updated information on all aspects of getting quotes for no medical life coverage policies.

One way of getting basic information about life cover that does not require a medical examination is to call the insurance provider's toll-free numbers to speak to a licensed life insurance agent. The agent can compare different term life insurance quotes for you and give you a virtual / telephonic walk through of the full service, step by step – its that easy!

Source by Denny Kuty