Life Insurance – A Brief History


Life insurance, in one shape or another, has been around for centuries, and believe it or not, the first polices were crafted way back by the Chinese.

In the mid nineteenth century, life insurance polices emerged in the United States, slowly influencing Europe and South Africa towards the last quarter of the nineteen hundreds.

When life insurance first hit the scene, it was quite rare to know any family who had any form of life insurance. If you think people are skeptical now about life insurance, you should have seen them 100 years ago. But as people learned more about the benefits, life insurance slowly built up steam.

By the twentieth century, insurance had started to grow into a demand. People wanted to get coverage, however there weren’t enough staff members to assist the demand. The offices were flooded and the insurance agents overwhelmed.

Insurance brokers became the future. They traveled to people’s homes and discussed policies. They offered advice on what policy would work the best. Soon insurance brokers were regarded in the same class as doctors, lawyers, and post office workers.

The public loved the accessibility and friendliness of brokers. Insurance sales went through the roof. Customers and insurance companies alike loved what brokers were doing for their personal business.

An insurance broker would never pass up the opportunity to discuss life insurance with an interested person. They would highlight the advantages and obligations of each policy.

Brokers are very knowledgeable in the area of insurance. They have spent time studying and receiving formal training. They understand about everything you need to know about insurance. They provide objective advice on policies and which one suits you best.

Because of their vast knowledge, brokers often become a part of a family. The father or mother, whoever handles the insurance duties forms a close bond with the broker. They discuss personal issues and concerns and trust the broker to handle their insurance with care.

However, brokers have “broken down” in a small way. The internet is taking the insurance industry for good. It’s definitely the way of the future. Getting quotes and receiving insights and tips is much easier online than it is with a broker. Unfortunately these friendly little men and women are no longer needed like they use to. A lot of brokers are realizing that, and jumping ship to the internet where they can provide their insights there.

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