Is the Cost of Your Dependent Health Insurance Increasing by Leaps and Bounds?


It seems that lately we have been approached by a number of clients who have seen unbearable increases in the cost of dependent medical insurance through their employer sponsored health insurance plan. These employer plans have low deductibles and are rich with up-front benefits which significantly increase the cost of these plans.

It is important to ask yourself; am I paying for benefits that my family will never use?

A healthy individual may only use one or two doctor visits a year, but their group plan provides for ten, and most men with group insurance don’t realize that they are paying higher premiums for maternity benefits that they will never use! Many times the affordability of these plans exist for employees because employers in most states are required to pay a large portion of the employee’s premium, but unfortunately they are not required to subsidize the dependent’s premium. So, while the cost to the employee might be low (i.e.: $100 ~ $250 per month), In many instances their dependents are left to pay the high cost of these comprehensive plans in order to get covered (sometimes, as high as $600 for just a spouse, for the same plan).

There is a solution: Individual health insurance.

By insuring healthy spouses and dependents through individual medical insurance, we have saved our clients as much as 50% over the cost of their group insurance plan. Individual insurance enables the purchaser to choose a plan that more specifically suits their needs and budget.

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Source by M. J. Goode