Is Pet Insurance Available to Old Dogs and Cats?


People love their pets and they quickly become an important member of the family. Companies began offering pet insurance back in the 1980's but it was very basic and only covered major illnesses, so most people opted to not buy a policy. However, today there are several companies that offer health benefits for the life of your dog or cat. In the beginning, senior pets, those that are 10 years or older were completely excluded from coverage because this is the time that many dogs and cats need more care.

Fortunately, there are a few pet insurance companies that offer coverage specifically for senior pets, which is good news if you happen to adopt a senior pet or you have not looked into coverage until they have past the age of 10. However, there are some exclusions such as if you insure your dog or cat and are currently undergoing cancer treatments, this will probably not be covered for most or all of this care. This is no different from human insurance when it comes to pre-existing conditions. Therefore, keep this in mind when you set out to buy a policy for your senior pet.

Most of the senior pet insurance policies are a bit more expensive than typical plans, but this is to be expected since even human health insurance plans cost more with age. Some of the senior pet plans can be tailored to meet your individual needs because small dogs are not necessarily seniors at the age of 10 where bigger dogs are. Moreover, some insurance companies have raised the age to 12 years for your pets, which is even better. The reason is the advancement in veterinarian care has meant that pets can live a healthier life than they did in the past before the invention of the many medical treatments now available.

When you are searching for senior cheap pet insurance plans, go on the Internet for the best prices and plans because there will undoubtedly be some companies that have been in business for several years that you have not heard of, but that offer great coverage. Often, your veterinarian may only be familiar with the original insurance that was offered to dogs and cats back in the 1980's, therefore, do not rely on your veterinarian to have a list of insurance companies that will insure your senior pet.

Finally, having the proper health coverage for your pet is not only a wise investment, but it helps to lessen your fears that you will not have the money to take your pet to the veterinarian when he or she needs care. All health insurance for pets are reimbursement type, which means you take your dog to Veterinarian A, they treat your dog, you pay the bill in full, and then you file a claim with the insurance company and they send you a check within about two weeks from the time it was submitted.

Source by John Kirzno