Humana Dental Insurance – An Honest Review


Humana Dental Insurance is one of the largest group dental insurance providers in the United States. Humana offers four different plans to employers that can fit any type of coverage plan or budget plan that they have in mind for their employees. The plan has over 130,000 participating dentists and is expanding everyday. Plans are simple and easy to use and as an added benefit participants receive a discounted vision plan also. Participants who use the dental plan with in-network providers can save even more on their co-payments because services are discounted through the insurance provider.

Humana Dental Insurance has a proven track record for excellent customer service. Customer reps are available either on the internet or telephone line, whichever is more convenient. With this dental coverage you will have the option to choose a very basic plan that covers routine dental and a percentage of additional services up to a comprehensive dental plan that covers most of the services and has a smaller deductible and smaller co-pay options. Depending on the employers choices these plans can range in prices and benefits. Having this dental plan will also allow the employer to offer term life policies to their employees.

If you are self employed or do not have dental coverage through your employer, Humana Dental Insurance also offers Individual and Family Dental Pograms that you can purchase on your own through their website. These family plans are very reasonably priced and offer the same benefits as the employer sponsored plans. The great thing is that no matter where you are employed or what health insurance that you have you can keep, and use, this policy separately. These policies do require a membership fee of thirty dollars to enroll, but the benefits you receive are well worth this fee. Humana individual dental plans are currently available in over forty states.

Source by Irene King Jones