How to Get the Right Insurance Cover When You Move


One of the biggest mistakes many people make when they're about to move is that they underestimate the amount of insurance coverage they need to get from their movers. All too often they just glance at the paperwork and figure that whatever the moving company offers will cover them for any and all eventualities.

Despite the majority of moves happen without a hitch, accidents do happen. If your property is damaged you will need your insurance if you expect to be reimbursed. Then consider taking a close look at that coverage as an essential part of the moving process. If you do not have adequate insurance you will risk the total loss of your possessions and you will not have any recourse for compensation.

There are two ways you can get the moving insurance that you need. The first is by talking with your home insurer and finding out if your existing policy will cover you for your move. If it does you still have to check to see if there are any exceptions, etc.

If you do not have adequate coverage – in writing – ask them for it. Your insurance company will have to provide you a copy.

However, if your current insurer will not cover you under your existing policy, or if you are worried that you have an adequate cover, ask them if you will be able to pay them a premium for special short term coverage.

If you are not covered by your home insurance policy you will need to buy your insurance from the moving company you hire. Have them explain their insurance coverage to you. Find out the exclusions and the limits. Then be sure to take the time to carefully ready any documents they provide.

And do not ever hire a moving company that does not offer insurance.

Whether you get your insurance from your home insurer or the moving company you need to read the small print on the contract and talk to the company in depth because claim levels vary from one firm to the next.

Most of the time you will need to provide a list of the valuable items that will be insured. Depending on their value you might have to pay an extra premium.

There are some insurers who will not include certain items in their standard policy. However, they may be willing to offer insurance on those items if you are willing to pay a premium.

If you buy your insurance from the insurance company you will also need to hire them to pack for you. Otherwise you will not be covered because you will not be able to prove that any of the damage was their fault.

Most experienced movers will not damage your concessions during the move. But again, accidents happen, so check to see if the moving company's policy includes coverage for this type of occurrence. And if a mover damages your home of the day of your move you must tell them immediately if you expect to be reimbursed.

If you try to make a claim beyond the time limit for claims you will not find that it will not be honored.

Source by Wendy Moyer