How Much Does Car Insurance Cost?


Driving a car is fun if your car is insured on a cheap rate otherwise it will make the fun into frustration and tension. We know that no one likes to lose money. Insurance is compensation of your loss when your car is stolen or you are fired from your job or any other hardship which demands immediate money. In such case insurance comes to your assistance by providing that money. However, you need to pay a yearly premium to that insurance company from which you bought the policy. If something bad happens, then you file a claim and receive the compensation of your loss.

It works on simple rules and does not work like any complex mathematical problem solving. If you buy an expensive car, then you pay more and if you have a cheap one, then you pay less premiums. For better understanding you can see the example of a sports car that costs more insurance than a family sedan. Now, suppose you are in an accident of 3000 $ and deductible (the amount you need to pay ranging from $ 100-500 or more, varying from a company to company's policy) is 300 $ then the company is taking care of remaining $ 2700 . On average a person pays $ 120-150 per month. However, there are many factors directly affecting cost insurance of your car and they need to be addressed to give you true benefits.

Important Factors

o Where do you live?

o How many times do you hit the road daily? The more you hit the road the more chance of getting hit too.

o Who are you? What is your age and gender? Are you married or single? The driving record comes in to play while buying a policy. Single males keep shockingly high accident rates than those having wives.

Some Useful Tips

o Buy a car that is in good books of insurance companies. Since insurance companies know which car is more likely to create problems and which one is safer?

o Never stop claiming about what you deserve. For instance asking for discounts such as you are a student with good driving record and insurance record can get you beneficial policy eventually.

Conclusively, use public transport as much as possible because the less you use your car the least insurance you will pay. Always drive safe and drive in senses as alcoholics are most prone to accidents. To be honest, they invite troubles. Stay away from them and stay away from troubles. The insured car gives you the relief factor which not-insured person is deprived of owing to obvious reasons.

Source by Kashif Ali