Homeowners Insurance – Finding the Best Rates


You just purchased a new home. One of the requirements for every new home is homeowners insurance. Within the first two weeks you will get dozens of offers from many companies wanting your business.

Your first step is to compare the prices from the companies for what they will cover. Remember that you are required to have a certain amount of coverage from the mortgage company. You may also get a discount form you automobile carrier. Many will combine homeowners insurance with your car insurance and you could get a 10% discount or even more. This way you would have only 1 person to deal with and only one check to write.

Another way to reduce your cost is to increase your deduction. For example if your deduction was $ 1000.00 instead of $ 500.00 you could possible save another 10%.

Many companies will give a discount for a home security system. Remember a home security system will have a cost each month, but the saving on your insurance could be more then your monthly cost.

My last piece of advice would be to ask for any other discounts they may offer. It does not cost anything to ask and you never know what will be offered to you. Remember if you do not ask what kind of deals they can make you will never know.

While looking for the best rates on homeowners insurance, do your homework. Homeowners insurance is very important, because if you do not have the right amount of coverage and something happens you could be in for a big problems. This article gives some ideas of what to do and what to look for while making the best decision with the information you have on hand.

Source by Drew Montgomery