Homeowners Insurance – 4 Things That Will Help You Pay Less


Your home is one of your most important assets if not the most important. Therefore, it's financially sound for you to take steps to ensure you're protected against its loss or damage. However, will not you like to pay a lot less than you're doing presently for it? Here are four simple things that will guarantee that …

1. Smoke and fire detectors will help you reduce your home's fire risk. If you install them in all the essential parts of your home you'll get a discount. And, do not forget to change their batteries from time to time. Fires are more easily spotted and put out before doing much damage. This gets you a lower rate since it means the risk of fire damage is reduced.

2. Endeavor to have fire extinguishers at strategic points in your home. Your kitchen is one important place to have one or more functional fire extinguishers. It's important that the fire extinguisher be adequate for the point it covers. Put them within easy reach and ensure they are working properly. These may seem little but you'll pay more if you do not have them in your home.

3. Yearly premium payments will save you a lot more when compared to monthly payments. Your insurer sends 12 notices for monthly payments instead of one for yearly payments. This costs them more. Each check attracts a transaction charge too. 12 checks mean 12 transactions which mean 12 different transaction charges.

And, believe it or not, these extra costs are ultimately built into your rates. You will get reasonable savings if you choose to pay yearly. You could save up to a month's premium within a year.

4. Get and compare many home insurance quotes from five or more sites and you'll be in a position to get better rates. The simple logic is that the more insurers you get quotes from, the more your chances of spotting better offers.

Source by Chimezirim Chinecherem Odimba