Home Owners Insurance (Suicide, Natural Unattended, Accidential Death(s)


Home owner’s insurance is a standard expense for anybody who owns their home. Most lenders, in fact, will not approve a mortgage without at least a minimum of fire insurance. The particulars change from lender to lender and state to state, but American homeowners typically carry home owners insurance beyond that minimum.

A common policy will cover natural disasters–fire, flood, earthquakes, lightning–as well as home contents in the event of theft or loss of property due to the natural disasters. Be aware that Home Owners Insurance policies do cover crime/trauma scene clean-up.

Fortunately, crime scenes in homes are rare. We are all grateful for that. But trauma scenes, usually as the result of an accident, can occur anywhere at any time, through nobody’s fault. These events can be emotionally distressing for loved ones, and can often involve the unpleasant task of having to clean up human remains or removal of bodily fluids (blood, etc.). In these times, it is best to turn to professionals who can not only work quickly, but will relieve an enormous amount of stress.

This can be covered under home owners insurance. Some policies have it as a standard clause while others do not. You may want to check with your insurance company and consider amending your policy if necessary. Home owners insurance is like the fire department; you hope you never have to use it, but it must always be ready and in place. And should you need crime/trauma scene cleaners, you will find the most professional and most reliable in the country listed on http://www.cts-directory.com. Or call http://CrimeSceneCleanTeam.com at 1-866-361-3223 and your troubles will be taken care of immediately.

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Source by David OBrien