Home Insurance – Should I Go For A Loyalty Or Multi-Policy Discount?


1. Remaining loyal to an insurer for more than three years gets you discounts in home insurance. Your loyalty discount increases the more the years you stay put with the same insurer. But do note that the discount you get for remaining with the same company may pale into insignificance if you compare it with what you could save by switching.

Therefore, do proper comparison before settling for this option. You can know for sure by getting quotes from as many insurers as make sense and comparing savings you'll realize if you go to another insurer with what your present insurance company offers as concession.

2. You will save much if you buy several policies from the same company. Expect to save between five to fifteen percent if you choose to maintain multiple policies with the same insurer. Please, note that you could save a lot more by having various policies with various insurance carriers. Therefore, take some time out to check thoroughly.

You can save a lot of dollars by visiting not less than three quotes sites. All you have to do is get and compare quotes. If you do this, you'll get the lowest quotes possible because three sites will return up to 15 home insurance quotes altogether.

If you want better results then get and compare home insurance quotes from many more online sites. You can not get too many quotes. The reason is there are hundreds of carriers and no quotes sites returns from all of them. Therefore, the more quotes sites you obtain quotes from, the higher the likelihood that you'll get the very best rate for your profile ..

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