Home Insurance – Importance and Benefits


Buying a home is a dream for anybody. After buying the home the first thing that a person must do is to insure it. Let us discuss the reasons for insuring a home.

A home insurance can be done to protect the home against natural calamities, fire and other mishaps. The procedure for getting a home insurance is hence discussed.

The owner first needs to approach an insurance company. He has to submit the legal papers of the house. The insurance company will asses the value of the property and will decide the amount of insurance coverage.

The insurance company will look into the current market valuation of the property. The location of the property will be assessed. The reputation of the builder will also be taken into consideration. The company will see if all the papers of the house are in place and are legally flawless. After going through all these aspects, the company will decide on the insurance of the house.

If any damage is done to the house, the home owner has to file a complaint in the nearest police station. After this the police will legally verify the truth of the claim. The police in this case will give a report. The owner has to approach the insurance company along with the police report and the policy bond.

In the next stage, officials from the insurance company will come to inspect the property. They will verify the authenticity of the claim from their side. If they are satisfied from their side, they will disburse the insurance amount.

A home is a dream. Insure it and enjoy peace of mind forever. Go ahead.

Source by Suddhadeb Chakraborti