Home Insurance – Hurricane Protection Tips


It is vitally important for home owners to carefully read and review all of their home owner's insurance policy documents to ensure that they are adequately covered in the event of loss for all eventualities that might reasonable afflict a property in their particular location.

Under certain circumstances and in certain locations, obtaining coverage for certain eventualities has proven difficult for some households in the past, and this is especially true with regards to properties located near or on waterfront areas with regards to obtaining both flood damage cover and also hurricane and wind damage coverage.

Remember that, for those in areas that are thus afflicted, the hurricane season generally runs between the beginning of June and the end of November. The majority of approved programs will provide windstorm coverage, but it will be subject to certain deductibles. The deductibles will be dependent upon where you house in located and the likelihood of the risk of affliction. These compulsory deductibles will range anywhere from 1-5% of your insured amount, and there are also optional deductibles at higher percentages.

It is important to determine exactly how the insurer determines what kind of event will trigger the use of these deductibles, as some companies will deem a Category One Hurricane as a trigger, whilst others may deem it to be a Category Two. The final authority as to the actual category of the hurricane event itself would be either the National Hurricane Center or the National Weather Service. Some insurers may also define other triggers, such as a definite mile per hour wind speed, or else a definite deductible amount for all damage and loss as a result of windstorm.

Home owners should also consider fitting storm shutters to their windows and doors, as this can help to minimise losses in the event of a storm. Also, for homeowners that have fitted such extras, insurance companies will be legally required to offer policy discounts to such owners. That part Also Remember of the damage caused to your home During a hurricane will be color : as a result of flooding, and this is Generally not covered in : many home owner's insurance policies. Again, read all policies carefully to make sure you understand what is covered and what is not.

Source by Marcel A Johnson