Home Insurance Company Profits May Be Your Gain


In 2006, home insurance and other property / casualty companies reported better underwriting results and the industry as a whole reported a $ 31.2 billion net gain on underwriting according to the Insurance Information Institute. What does this mean for home owners and the rates their paying on insurance?

The profits last year that the property / casualty industry enjoyed were greatly contrasted by the losses of 2005. Of course 2005 was a catastrophic hurricane season. 2006 was relatively mild for catastrophes, which is one big reason why home insurance companies reported profits. As a result, some companies have cut their prices to stay competitive. If you're a homeowner, that means their profits could be your gain. How?

You may be able to reduce your home insurance costs by shopping around. Home owner insurance rates are not the same from each company. Companies that write in your area may have recently reduced their rates since you took out your home owner insurance policy.

By simply doing some comparison shopping you may be able to save hundreds of dollars. Pull out your current homeowners policy and have it ready when you start getting quotes so you can provide all the information needed; it'll make the process faster and help you get accurate comparisons. Then get quotes from at least three different insurance companies – even more if you can. You can call some local agents, or go online and visit the Web sites of companies selling homeowners insurance in your area and request a quote.

You can also visit a comparison Web site. This type of site typically gives you a quote box where you enter your information once and receive quotes from several different companies. Before you switch to another company, check the financial stability through one of the agencies that rate insurers like AM Best or Weiss. And be sure to ask any questions about the coverages.

Source by Scott Lunt