Home Insurance Claims – Simple and Reliable Steps to Follow


20 million pounds was vowed by the government as a fund for the prevention of crime so that the security measure for the vulnerable will be increased. But a research conducted by a home insurance company reveals that easy measures by property owners will decrease the rate of crime drastically.

Protection in the home is now important as a result of the high rate of domestic burglaries with an increase of four percent in the home. Home owners are expected to protect their property so as to avoid house insurance claims. If an individual is unable to secure his / her home, it could cause a house insurance claim to be thrown aside due to negligence. For insurance when a door or window is not closed and no one is in the house.

We all know that crime prevention of great importance.moreover people purchase home insurance as a means to solve this problem. But even with insurance it is better to have a no-claim bonus by avoiding claims. This bonus could worth about 70 percent in a range of five years with certain insurers. Therefore, homeowner should endeavor to take the following necessary steps which includes.

– Putting deadbolt and lock that keys can operate in the windows and doors
– Do a routine cluck of the home before leaving
– Avoid keeping the key in secret hiding places like flower pots, under the door motet
– Securing the external building with padlocks
– Removing all garden tools and ladder before night falls.
– Having a photograph of all your valuables.
– Having security marking on all your valuables and
– Installing a spy hole or chain for easy identification of your caller before opening the door.

These steps will go a long way to help even after you have been burgled.

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Source by Iyke Phelim