Home Insurance Claim – Tips On How To Be Prepared


It is inevitable that at some point in time you will have to file a home insurance claim. It happens to all of us. But filing a claim on your homeowners policy will require a little preparation on your part. Here are some tips that can help make the process easier.

When you first know that you are going to file a home insurance claim, get out your policy and look through it. What is required in order to file a claim? Is there a sample claim form included in your homeowners insurance package? Some insurance companies include a claim form with their policies.

You might want to go online to the company website and get further information from there. In many cases you can even start the claim process right there.

Next, get all of your information together. Have any receipts, estimates, etc, in order and ready to go when the claims adjuster asks for them.

Be sure you have copies made of any papers you are required to submit for your claim. You never know when you will need backup documents.

Write down names and dates of all phone conversations when you speak to a home insurance adjuster. Keeping good records can be very helpful if you need it later.

Finally, be patient during the claims process. Things may not go as fast as you want at times, but most all insurance companies want to settle any home insurance claim as quick as possible.

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Source by Terry Edwards