Health Insurance – Temporary Alternatives That You Can Benefit From


Fortunately there are temporary alternatives to regular health coverage plans that can offer you protection during specified periods of time till you obtain a definite solution.

Bear in mind that a temporary solution is always more expensive than a definite health insurance policy. However, there are situations that require this type of solutions while you search for a new job or a fixed health coverage policy. In any case, it is important that you know and prepare yourself for temporary higher expenses on this particular field of your budget during this period.

Temporary Health Insurance Products

Temporary health assurance products are available through regular insurance companies but you need to analyze first what kind of policy you will need. The coverage of the policy will include more or less depending on the costs. However, if you want to obtain the best coverage for the lowest price, it is a smart idea to obtain quotes on the internet by doing some research. There are many online sites offering comparisons and advice on different health indemnity policies.

What to search for? Well, first of all, look for only high rated insurance companies and among them, look for policies that have the best assurance on those fields you are more interested in. Only then search for the best price you can get. After all, this is not a regular product you can haggle about. Thus, though a good price is important, having the proper coverage is far more imperative.

COBRA Health Insurance Coverage and Its Requirements

When your job is terminated and you enjoyed the benefits of group health assurance products, you can continue being insured for a specific period of time. You will retain the same coverage you had during employment which is particularly interesting because pre-existing conditions continue to be covered while with temporary insurance products you purchase later will not cover pre-existing conditions.

COBRA coverage will only last a specific period of time. It will usually end as soon as you are hired again by other employer. As regards to the payment, you will need to afford the costs yourself since the contract with your former employer ends when your job is terminated. COBRA is sometimes more expensive than a temporary health coverage, especially if your former employer paid for a high rate policy.

What Do Temporary Health Insurance Products Cover?

Usually temporary health indemnity products cover the same risks and costs that permanent ones. Yet, there may be some fees and costs that are left aside. Mainly, the following items are always included: Emergency surgeries and procedures, physician and specialist fees, in-hospital and ambulatory treatments and other medical procedures excluding deterrent procedures. And as explained above, pre-existing conditions will most certainly be excluded from coverage as opposed to the COBRA program.

Source by Jess Peterson