Health Insurance Providers in Texas


How to Find Affordable Texas Health Insurance

There is no question about the size of Texas. This is a big state. Even though the size of this state gives us a lot of choices, it can also make it tougher to narrow down the search for affordable health insurance. But we can help you start looking, get quotes, and then find the best insurance provider for you.

Everybody wants the same things when they search for a health plan. They want affordable premiums and a top quality insurer who will make it easy to access medical services. We need to be able to afford our payments, but we know that those premiums will not help us if our insurer does not help us when we need to get medical services.

Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in Texas

US News & World Report published a top 10 review of Texas health insurance companies. This can be a good place to start looking for highly rated companies. But not all of these plans were even working in all part of the state. So, again, you can use this list as a starting point, but it may not help you choose the right plan for you.

For example, Human Health Care System of Texas was first on the list, but that was only for the Austin, Texas area! Humana plans for the south region and Houston also made the list. That may not help you if you live in San Antonio, Dallas or Austin though!

  • Humana Health Care System of Texas (Austin, Tx)
  • CIGNA Healthcare of Texas
  • Scott and White Health Plan
  • AETNA Health – Texas
  • United HealthCare of Texas
  • Humana Health Care System of Texas (South)
  • Pacificare of Texas (Austin / Dallas)
  • Humana Health Plan of Texas (Houston)
  • Pacificare of Texas (San Antonio / Houston)
  • Missouri Health Plan of Missouri (Texas)

Can You Afford Premiums?

You must also make sure you find premiums you afford. Your major medical plan will not help you if you drop it because you can not afford to pay premiums. So it is important to compare premiums. You should have some choices which will affect this when you purchase insurance. For example, the premium for a policy should be much cheaper if you pick the $ 1,500 yearly deductible option rather than the $ 250 option. Just keep in mind that you will have to pay that additional deductible. You can probably save enough money to cover it within a short time.

Declined For Insurance in Texas

Texas has a high risk pool for people who have been declined, because of health conditions. This provides a safety net for many Texans. The premiums are rather high though.

Low Income Health Insurance For Texans

If you can not afford premiums at all, there are some helpful government and private plans that may help. Very low income Texans should look at Texas Medicaid. Moderate income families may benefit from Texas CHIPS (Children's Insurance Program). There are other resources too. Look for county health systems, low cost clinics, or foundations that provide financial aid to people with specific health issues. The Partnership for Prescription Assistance has a handy zip code search.

How To Compare Texas Insurance In Your City or Town

Most plans are marketed and priced at the zip code level. That is why many internet health insurance quote forms start by asking you for your zip code.You will not pay the same price, in many cases, as your twin who lives in another zip code.

You simply have to enter your basic information one time. Then you can get multiple insurance policies and premiums returned to you in the comfort of your own home or office. This beats calling around to compare quotes.

Source by Marilyn Katz