Health Insurance – Facts Individuals Should Know


Individuals seeking health care need to be aware of some important facts. These facts would help them make the right choice more so these days when health care is becoming more and more expensive.

There are basically two types of health insurance plans. They are: Indemnity plans and Managed-care plan otherwise known as health maintenance organizations (HMO).

Let's try to look closer into these plans.

Indemnity plans are plans where you get to choose your doctor, medical facilities. In general, you decide a lot about your health care. Most organizations use this for their staff and pay usually a monthly premium and a pre determined deductible.

This plan is by far the more expensive plan with a family of four under this plan with low deductible being required to pay as much as $ 2000 monthly. You can agree that this is quite expensive.

For people on this plan, one way to reduce your rate is by raising you deductible considerably. This is an especially wise move if you have a healthy family rarely needing health care.

The second plan – The managed-care plan is a plan utilizing the network principle. In this plan also known as health maintenance organization, a group of hospitals, doctors, clinic and other medical facilities come together to form a network. This network provides low cost health care to members of the network. This option can save you a lot of money.

The down side of this is that because they need to keep costs down, they tend to be inadequate in cases of serious health conditions needing specialized care.

For the best health care. your best bet is indemnity plan. But if you do not have the funds for this, you can go with the managed-care plan.

You can still search for cheaper indemnity plan by comparing health insurance rates. Just go to quotes comparison sites and get quotes. With these quotes, you can compare health insurance rates to find insurers offering cheaper coverage.

Source by Chimerenka Odimba