Health Insurance Cost – Ways To Lower It


1) You can lower your health insurance cost by joining a group health expense sharing plan. This refers to a group of individuals who have decided to team up and provide themselves with health insurance coverage. They are usually associated with large organizations like churches.

Each group usually has its own set of rules, the type and scope of coverage given, exclusions if any and more. You can take out some time to find out such groups, know what they offer and see if they fit your personal needs. Getting such a group that meets your requirement could help you lower your cost.

2) If you find it really hard to pay for coverage, you may qualify for Medicaid. Eligibility rules vary from state to state. But fundamentally, they are for low-income families. And, it doesn’t matter whether you’re employed or not. It could help reduce your cost if you or any family member qualifies. So check with your state’s Medicaid program.

3) Information is the key to lowering your health insurance cost without compromising the quality of coverage you get. Knowing what’s best for you helps you make better decisions. Furthermore, you’ll also be in a position to take advantage of opportunities as they emerge. The U.S government has many toll free numbers where you can get help on health related matters. To get more information, call the National Health Information Center at 1-800-336-4797.

4) You will easily lower your cost if you get and compare health insurance quotes from a minimum of five quotes sites. The next thing is truly as simple as looking for the best offer. This should take you not more than 15 minutes. As you visit each site, make sure you give the same information. It isn’t a smart move to give bogus details since the quotes you’ll get this way will NOT do you any good.

Source by Chimezirim Chinecherem Odimba