Florida Dental Coverage Plans – This Is Your Best Option


There are several Florida Dental Coverage Plans that offer substantial savings for individual, family and group or small business, however, they may not be exactly what you thought they'd be. You see, the dental plans that I'm referring to are not insurance. They are called dental discount plans and they offer big savings that, in most cases, is even better than insurance. This is why.

Dental insurance, just like auto, homeowners, medical or any other type of traditional insurance, does not cover anything pre-existing. If you walk into an insurance agency and tell them that you need coverage for a 2005 Ford Mustang, then an agent is going to walk outside with you and take pictures of all sides of your car, front, back, top and bottom, in order to make sure that they do not end up paying for something that was already wrong with your vehicle. Dental insurance works the same way. You'll get x-rays taken of your entire mouth and anything that was already there on your initial exam will not be covered by your insurance policy until after you've gone through what's called a "waiting period". This usually lasts at least 12 months and even then you'll still have to pay for most of the costs yourself. Also, you'll be responsible for paying your full premium and your annual deductible in the meantime. Does this sound like the best deal to you?

Dental discount plans are not insurance policies. This means that you can be seen immediately for pre-existing conditions and receive discounts of 10-60% on not only preventive dental care, such as cleanings, etc., but also on major dental work, like dentures, root canals, bridge work and yes, some plans even give big discounts on cosmetic dentistry.

So before you go jumping on the dental insurance bandwagon down there in Florida, you need to check out the big savings that dental discount plans offer.

Source by Joe Stewart