Florida Car Insurance: The Minimum You Should Know When Getting Quotes


If you’re looking for a Florida car insurance quote online, keep in mind that the state has particular requirements for auto insurance. Here are some things you should know.

At the minimum, the state of Florida requires Personal Injury Protection (No Fault) and Property Damage Liability. The minimum coverages required by law are as follows:

Personal Injury Protection (No Fault). This is to pay for injuries and lost wages in an accident, up to the policy limit, no matter who is at fault. In Florida, you may have the option to select coverage with a deductible and/or without disability benefits (lost wages): Minimum $10,000.

Property Damage Liability. This is to pay for damage to vehicles or other property that were damaged by your vehicle in an event which you are considered legally liable for: Minimum of $10,000.

Florida does not require that you have Bodily Injury Liability coverage in order to register your vehicle. However, you can be penalized for not having this coverage if you are in an accident that injures someone else.

Keep in mind that these are the minimums required by Florida state law. You still could be financially liable for any costs above those minimum amounts, so you may want to consider raising the limits on these coverages.

When you shop for Florida car insurance quotes, it’s good to have this information ready. Since auto insurance costs vary from company to company, you should always get at least three different quotes. By using the same information for each quote, you can get a more accurate comparison.

Source by Scott Lunt