Finding Affordable Group Health Insurance Is Possible


For many individuals, medical coverage is not an option because of the financial burden it puts on them. Finding affordable group health insurance is possible when you know how to keep costs down and find the right plans.

Employer Contributed Coverage

Sometimes, even with the employee contributing a portion to can still be overwhelming. There are ways to lower your cost and keep more money in your pocket. If you are fairly healthy and require limited visits to the doctor, opting for higher deductibles is an option. While you may have to pay out of pocket once or twice a year when you visit the doctor, the weekly or biweekly deduction from your net income will be more.

Opting for higher deductibles is not recommended for individuals with pre-existing conditions that warrant regular visits for checksups or prescriptions. If this is the case, you can still save money by choosing a carrier that offers less perks, while still providing the benefit of doctor visit coverage.

Coverage for Self-Employed

Many individuals believe the only health coverage for the self-employed is too costly. As a result, many people working for themselves lack proper medical care. This is not good as it may result in undering medical conditions worsening, resulting in higher medical expenses.

If you do not have the option of employer contributed benefits, consider local organizations that you belong to such as roadside assistance programs, warehouse shopping clubs, and even the local Chamber of Commerce. While most of these programs require a fee to join, some have discounted programs to fit your budget.

Finding Plans on the Internet

We all know the internet is used to search for any and everything and health care is no different. Aside from the big name companies offering benefits, there are many smaller companies offering the same or similar plans for a lot less. A simple web search will yield hundreds, possibly thousands of companies. After you have found a few that interest you, take the time to read the fine print, review the benefits, and of course, the cost.

There are several group health insurance comparison sites that will let you perform side by side comparisons of different companies. This is helpful when searching for individual coverage as well as coverage for the entire family.

State and Government Insurance Benefits

Many people associate state funded benefits with being poor or underprivileged. The truth is, these benefits are available for those in need so why not take advantage of them. Many states have adequate plans for children and adults, and you do not have to receive welfare benefits to apply. Some programs offer sliding scale rates based on your income, which is a blessing for single parents who could not otherwise afford coverage for the entire family through their employer.

Group Health insurance is something that is not considered a necessity but an option. That is until you get sick and require medical attention. The cost of a one night admission to the hospital can leave one with unbelievable medical bills. Even the healthiest people require medical attention at some point. Do not get caught without medical coverage, be prepared, and find a plan to fit your budget so you and your family will always be protected.

Source by Partridge Thompson