Dentalplans or Dental Insurance?


Here's some food for thought on choosing between insurance and dentalplans. In July, I had a crown break off, and when it broke, the underlying post went with it. The tooth was a "canine" so there was a big hole every time I opened my mouth. All of my clients are dentists, so this was not a good thing.

I had dental insurance, but it would only pay to have the remainder of the tooth pulled, and because I chose replacement, the insurance would not pay one penny (it's their way – or no way).

In it's original form, insurance was really a great thing. Neighbors would pool their money together to help the deceased's relatives with the financial burden. Today, it's all about the money and not about helping those in need. Pity

First, Dental insurance for an individual is very expensive and usually not a practical choice.

If dental insurance is being offered through a group plan, here's what you need to consider:

1. How much are the premiums?

2. How much of that does the employer pay?

3. Is pre-approval required?

4. What is your co-pay? (You still have to pay money out of your pocket)

5. Can you go to your own dentist? (Insurance only pays if the dentist is a "participating provider")

6. What are the exclusions? (Things they will not pay for)

7. What are the limits? (There are limitations on everything)

8. What is the annual limit? (Once reached, no more benefits for that year)

9. What is the lifetime maximum? (Once reached, no more benefits – ever !!)

10. "Usual, Customary & Reasonable." This relates to charges. In addition to your co-pay, you have to pay the difference between what is "UCR" and what your dentist actually charges.

Dentists are moving away from accepting insurance because of low reimbursement rates, pre-approval requirements and slow payments.

As dentists are moving away from insurance, they are moving towards "dentalplans." This is where dentists agree to accept discounted rates for their services in return for the referrals they receive from those plans.

Referrals from the plans are a great and cost-efficient way for dentists to build or expand their practices quickly. In return for becoming a participating provider for the dentalplans, they get us (members of the plan), and our relatives, and our friends – when we tell them all how good the dentist is!

This removes the need for expensive advertising to get new clients, and the savings get passed on to us in the form of real & substantial discounts for the procedures we need. Dentalplans is a win-win situation.

You do need to buy either the dental insurance or dentalplans – whichever best meets your needs. You simply can not afford to go another day without some form of protection.

Ps: Had the I been a member of Dentalplans at the time, the I would have saved more than $ 400.00 from the one 's procedure Talked about the I, and the I Had dental insurance.

Source by Wally Ashbaugh