Dental Insurance


Dental insurance is when your insurance policy is supposed to pay for your dental matters, depending on which policy you choose you will get certain treatment when in need of dental care. I t has been thought by many that having dental insurance will save you lots and lots of money and although this may be true to some extent dental insurance may not cover all dental costs. So you should not get this wrong and think that by having insurance you have taken care of all your dental issues, you may just be wrong about it.

Most dental insurance policies cover certain costs, mainly the cheaper ones and they will not usually cover procedures greater than teeth extraction and you just have to know what your policy covers and what it does not cover. Plans and policies may vary according to your insurer and so it is best to know what your insurance policy states. A certain insurer may pay for say 80% fees for you to have a root canal that means the rest will be on you and say cover another 50% for the crown as you know that having a root canal needs the crown to be added. In total you pay the other 20% for the root canal, then pay half for the crown and depending on how much these cost you will know whether you are paying little or having to fork out a lump sum. Say your policy is fixed to cover $ 1500 a year and you find yourself needing repairs worth 5,000 you will $ pay 3,500 alone. Certainly not looking as if you insured.

A dental insurance policy carries a maximum amount to cover annually and should your expenses go over that then it is on you, try finding out from your insurer the terms and offers available for you.

Source by Jenny Maloy