Dental Insurance – It’s Effect on Getting an Implant Crown


In 2007, a 12-year old boy from Prince George County died because of an untreated dental abscess. This tragic event was an eye-opener for the American government to reassess the issue of unmet health care need of children in America. Dubbed as a “silent epidemic”, oral disease is not something to be ignored as it afflicts millions of children today. Even among adults, oral cancer kills more than cervical cancer.

But despite the lack of dental insurance of millions of people today, oral hygiene should never come last when it comes to health concerns. If children are taught proper oral hygiene early on, oral disease can be prevented. However, when it comes to adults, oral hygiene is a different story. Today, a lost tooth can be easily replaced through placement of bridge, false teeth, or implant crown. These innovations in dental care are a great help in achieving better oral health and cosmetic appearance.

Implant Crown Use

The common problem of people with poor oral health is teeth loss. When the teeth are badly decayed, there is nothing else left to do but remove it. But you need not suffer from the shame of losing a tooth as it can be replaced nowadays. An implant crown can be placed over the lost tooth to hold the remaining teeth together. This can prevent the other teeth from weakening and getting damaged altogether.

An implant crown is usually made from different materials. The most common of them are the following:

o Porcelain. It may not have all the strength of metal crowns, but its tough enough to last a long time and it looks more like a normal tooth.

o Metal. This is the toughest of all types of implant crown. It usually has metal or gold alloy in its structure allowing it to withstand any wear and tear.

Having an implant crown though doesn’t mean you don’t need to brush anymore. You can still get cavities; therefore, brushing, flossing and getting fluoride treatment is still necessary.

Dental Insurance and Implant Crown

An implant crown procedure would be much cheaper if you have a dental insurance. But it seems that oral care is not getting enough attention these days. Its not even covered by health insurance despite the fact that it is five times as likely as asthma to be found in children and adult alike.

If only health plans would fully integrate oral health into the health-care system, many would benefit from more affordable dental treatments. Likewise, what happened to the Prince George County boy would not be repeated.

The only drawback of dental insurance is that not all costs are covered by the insurance. So, you need to speak to your dentist to know how much you need to pay in excess of the insurance. But just the same, a dental insurance will help a lot in reducing the cost of an implant crown procedure.

Source by Jackie Myers