Compare Modular Vs Mobile Or Manufactured Home Insurance


Are Mobile, Manufactured, and Modular Homes The Same?

There are some similarities between these types of homes, but there are also some differences These differences can be subtle sometimes but they will affect your home policy. Make sure you get an accurate insurance quote by knowing which type of home you are trying to insure!

Mobile and Manufactured Homes

The distinction between these two terms may be more in the date they were produced. Before 1976, these were just called mobile homes. These days, they may be called manufactured homes. Both may be designed to be moved, but they may be anchored or tied down in one place.

There are many manufactured homes that look like homes that were constructed on the building site because of the way they are anchored, and they may even have a deck and other supporting structures. Others look more mobile, and may even resemble RVs.

According to HUD (Housing and Urban Development), which is a branch of the US federal government, a mobile home was produced before June 15, 1976. A manufactured home was produced after that date. So you may be able to tell what you own just by the date it was built.

What Is A Modular Home?

A modular home is different. It will usually be constructed on a site, maybe even over a basement, in such a way that is is not intended to be moved. So even though the parts (modules) may have been fabricated in a factory, this makes a modular home more similar to the typical home that was constructed over a frame on a building site.

Does Your Home Have License Plates?

If your home has plates, like a vehicle, it is probably a mobile or manufactured home! That license was placed there to make it legal to move it. It may even need to be renewed every year. Anyway, plates are a pretty sure sign that you have a mobile home!

Does It Matter What Type of Home You Have?

If you are trying to get quotes for mobile, manufactured, or modular home insurance, you will need to know what you own in order to get accurate homeowners insurance quotes. An insurer will surely make a distinction between any home that can move versus one that is firmly anchored in place! The age of the home will surely make a difference too!

Sometimes it is still hard for people to really know what kind of home they own. As we noted above, some mobile homes have been firmly anchored and surrounded by other structures so it would be hard to notice they had originally been built to move!

If you are not sure, an experienced insurance agent can probably help you. You can find a lot of online insurance quote systems that will give you some online information. This information may include competitive premiums, policies, and the contact information for local agents or company representatives. This is a quick way to find good quality insurers who can help you.

Source by Marilyn Katz