Cigna Dental Insurance Review


Cigna dental insurance is the provider used by my company to provide for my dental needs. They are one of the preferred providers of benefits that my company has been using for several years now and overall I have had little to no complaints with them, and have been relatively satisfied with the services that they provided and hope that my company chooses to keep with them well into the future.

The one thing that I have found that I am truly fond of is that of their website. It has been very beneficial for a number of things. It is great for finding dentists or specialists that accept Cigna Dental insurance when I have needed them. It is also very good for tracking when, where and what expenses the insurance plan has paid for. It is also very good for looking up what the covered benefits for my plan are and what percentage if any I am responsible for. This makes the need to call during certain hours for customer service for this type of information obsolete. This is great in this day and age when you just do not seem to have the time to wait and is great because you do not have to sit and wait on hold to get the information that you need. I have found their website to be a true time saver in regards to answering many of my questions as well as for record keeping purposes. They do still send me paper statement, which for me is really a waste of time and resources. Only thing I would change is for them to have a paperless option for statement and record keeping.

I have also found that there are plenty of choices in providers and well as specialist that accept Cigna dental insurance. This is great as I have heard horror stories from friends that the insurance that their employers provided have few if any in-net choices locally and then they are forced to pay for a portion of even their routine visits due to the fact that a preferred provided was not available. I have had few if any complaints when it comes to their service or with their billing to me or to my dentist. I have yet to have to question them as to when my bill will be paid or have yet to have a claim denied for services that dentist performed.

Source by Samantha Mary King